Guest behavior in our accommodation facility

We look forward to seeing you again in our Hintertuxerhof. Special times require special measures. For this reason, we have put together a few tips for your stay based on the recommendations and regulations of the Austrian Federal Government. With your care you protect yourself as well as the other guests and your hosts!

Arrival & reception

Please inform yourself about possible entry or exit regulations of your home country before your stay.

Avoid traffic jams at the reception if possible. For example, it is possible to check in online before arrival – PreCheckIn. You can also use our digital guest folder to find out about your stay with us in advance – Guestfriend. Mouth and nose protection must be worn in the entrance and reception area.

Your Pre-CheckIn     Digital guest folder


We ask guests who do not stay in our hotel, to reserve a table in advance. For our hotel guests a table is automatically booked every day. Due to the hygiene guidelines, we hardly have any decorations and decorative pillows throughout the restaurant. Salt and pepper are also not at the table but are brought on request. Mouth and nose protection must be worn when entering and leaving the restaurant. As usual, fixed tables are reserved for you for breakfast and dinner. Our service team will show you your table or assign a free table for a snack. Regarding the seating arrangement, it is currently still mandatory for us to place no more than 4 adults per table plus associated children. We will continue to keep this regulation in mind and of course hope that there will soon be more relaxation.

Our buffet: Our breakfast, snack & salad buffet is fully available. The contactless disinfection column is located directly at the entrance to the buffet room. We ask you to disinfect your hands and wear a face mask before each buffet visit. Please also make sure that there are no more than 6 people in the buffet room at the same time.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer the immediate bar area as a seating area, as there should not be any beverages in the immediate dispensing area.

Wellness area

In the sauna cabins, we ask that you keep a distance of at least 1 meter in each direction. This results in a maximum number of people, which is noted on the respective sauna door. Infusions in the sauna cabin should be avoided to not spread atomic aerosols. The distance rules do not apply to people living in one household.
Out of consideration for other guests, we of course ask you to release the next sauna or steam bath entry carefully and within a reasonable time. For hygienic reasons we can only offer our popular tea bar to a limited extent. The daybeds in the relaxation area were set up at the specified distance. We ask you not to move them.

Family program & child care

According to the current regulations, we are allowed to offer our family program & childcare as usual. We will design the program items in such a way that the general rules and recommendations are easy to comply with, and we ask that everyone be considered. For hikes and similar program items, we ask you to take the mouth-nose protection masks with you for possible bus trips and lunch stops at huts. We recommend that the children do not take their own toys with them into the play rooms.

Playground, tennis & multi-purpose sports field

Our playgrounds and sports fields can be used as usual. We ask that you keep the necessary distance. If tennis rackets and balls are borrowed from us, please return them directly to reception so that we can disinfect them again immediately.


Please enter the elevators with a maximum of 2 people or with people who belong to the same family


Our members of staff have been instructed on our part and are of course available if you have any questions. Please be informed that all members of staff who are in contact with guests have been equipped with facial visors or mouth-nose protection masks, employees who do not have direct contact to guests, do not have to wear face masks or similar. Our maids work with face masks, gloves and of course with their own cleaning cloth set per room to prevent any spread of viruses, bacteria, etc.
We ask you to follow any instructions from our team.

General rules and information

  • Due to the hygiene guidelines, we hardly have any decorations and decorative pillows in our hotel. We also do not display many brochures and magazines throughout the house. Please ask at the reception if you are looking for something.
  • We ask all guests to ensure that the minimum distance of 1 meter from other people is observed. This does not apply to people from the same household or travellers in the same room.
  • Mouth and nose protection must be worn in all public areas. This does not apply to children up to the age of 6 or to people who cannot be expected to do so for health reasons. Of course, this can be removed during sitting at the table in the restaurant.
  • We ask you to avoid traffic jams at the reception and in the restaurant and keep distance there.
  • If possible, the invoice should be paid without contact. (EC card, Visa, MasterCard, or bank transfer)
  • Please do not shake hands and avoid hugs. Especially in our house, a warm welcome is part of it, but we try to protect our guests and employees and therefore keep our distance.
  • Please wash your hands several times a day with water and soap for at least 30 seconds.
  • Face contact with uncleaned hands should be avoided.
  • Sneezing or coughing in the crook of the arm or in a handkerchief.
  • If there are signs of illness, please do not travel to us. If you feel sick during your holiday, please stay in the room and call the reception (phone number 9). We will then support you with further measures.